Lirum Device Info App Reviews

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Just Missing Apple Watch complications

Good, beautiful but complications do not work

Best app ever

Seriously, totally worth it, even the lite one

Strongly recommended

Still the best info app despite that some info features like battery cycles are no longer supported, so the app is strongly recommended.

Tolle App

Sehr informativ

iOS 10.3 Force close

App nicht mehr nutzbar, ab iOS 10.3 Beta 2. Bitte beheben!


Thank you. The lite version was so good I just bought this one to say Thanks and keep it up!

Awesome app

Liked the lite version so much I purchased the full version. Hopefully Apple will release an update giving back the information needed to run the battery diagnostics & data tho.

Amazing tool!!

Great application for diagnosing problems

Really useful app

Very helpful app

Great for when one is dreaming about becoming an app designer

Thinking about designing an app? This will give you a glimpse of data sources and / or before one starts programming,

Awesome app

Would have given 5 stars if Apple would allow more info on battery cycles, etc. However this isnt any fault of the App developer. Ram and storage boost functions are cool but dont clear ram as efficiently as holding the power then home button. All in all very informative and would recommend to others.

Wont load now

Will no longer load. On top of it no longer displaying battery info after iOS 10. The app is pretty useless, cant even get a refund now.

Very Good App...

Nice to have such a good app to check the iPhone inner parts.

Проблемы с запуском программы на 7plus

Проблемы с запуском программы на 7plus- просто не запускается приложение! На 6s работает нормально, на 7plus проблемы начались в феврале 2017 года. Когда следующий релиз? Исправте!Перейти на русский Problems with the program starting at 7plus- just does not run the app! On 6s operate normally on 7plus problems began in February 2017. When is the next release? Fix it! Перейти на русскийProblems with the program starting at 7plus- just does not run the app! On 6s operate normally on 7plus problems began in February 2017. When is the next release? Ispravte!

Not working

Crashing on iPhone 7 plus

Please update to IOS 10

Please update this great app to iOS 10, battery internal status no more work with new update.

Update for iPhone 7

Update for iPhone 7, please. Aggiornate per liPhone 7, per favore.

Useless even after the latest update

With iOS 10 the app is almost useless, and it would be if it werent for some basic information it (fortunately) still shows. (Ex. the CPU manufacturer) This was one of the best apps available in the apple store. I really hope a new update will be released or this might be the last time I use Lirum.

New update restores memory boost

Latest update restores memory boost. Excellent overall functionality of the app as well as beautiful design. Also, the developer personally responded to my email concerns which I applaud him for as well as continuing to improve this app.

Memory Boost is a great feature!

My iPhone 6S Plus was crashing all the time, and I suspected my apps were using too much RAM. I used to use a different app to "release" RAM, but it no longer works. The current version of Lirum Info does allow RAM to be released, so Im guessing my phone will stop crashing now! (If not, Ill update this review.)

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