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Lirum Device Info app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6272 ratings )
Utilities Reference
Developer: Rogerio Hirooka
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.4.3, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 06 Feb 2013
App size: 123.22 Mb

Lirum Device Info is the most complete and elegant application to retrieve real time status of your device. You will be able to monitor its performance, compare its specifications with other models and watch feedback from your devices sensors (magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS). Check out real battey status, voltage and wear level.

Universal App for iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone

- Apple Watch Support - Displays phone diagnostics right on your watch! (Displays data from your iPhone on the Apple Watch, not the other way around)
- Hardware Browser - Shows hardware tree of components inside the iOS Device;
- Bluetooth LE Scanner - Shows Bluetooth LE devices in range and broadcasted data and signal strength;
- Comparison of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch generations (Resolution, Dimensions, Features, etc);
- Real-time multicore optimized CPU Usage Monitor;
- Memory allocation graph with "Force Memory Release" option;
- Real-time graph of the Accelerometer/Magnetometer/Gyroscope/Barometer sensors;
- GPS Receiver status data;
- Hardware tests for Vibration/Flashlight features (on iPhones);
- Touchscreen/LCD Color and Contrast tests;

- Dimensions shown in american (imperial) or metric units (configurable);
Hundreds of specifications, such as:

- Size, Resolution, Pixels Count, Pixels Density, Aspect Ratio, Color Depth, Amount of Colours, Contrast Ratio;
- Display Type, GPU Model, Number of GPU Cores, Latest OpenGL Version supported by the GPU;
- Width, Height, Depth, Weight;
CPU Informations
- Real time multicore CPU graph;
- CPU Name;
- Number of Cores;
- CPU Core Base;
- CPU Clock, Maximum Clock, Current Clock (when variable);
- Manufacturing Process;
- CPU Pipeline Depth;
- Cache L1, L2;
- Instruction Set;
- CPU Issue Width;
- Out of Order Execution Feature;
- "Designed by" and "Manufactured by" Information;
System Data
- Real time Memory Allocation graph;
- Wireless IP;
- Cellular network IP;
- Support for Wifi 802.11b,g,n;
- Bluetooth Version;
- Bluetooth A2DP, PBAB Profile, PAN, HID, HFP, EDR, AVRCP;
- Frequencies for 2G and 3G GSM/CDMA Bands;
- LTE (4G) Bands and Frequencies;
- LTE Maximum Download/Upload Speed;
- SIM Card Format / Slot;
- Both Cameras Resolution in Megapixels or in Pixels Resolution (width x height);
- Both Cameras Pixels Count/Focal Ratio;
- Tap to Focus/Macro/White Balance/IR Filter/Geo Tagging Support;
- Face Detection/Flash/HDR Features;
- Video Recording Resolution/Frames per Second count/Video Light/Stabilisation;
- Estimated Duration for: Browsing on Wifi, Browsing on 3G, Talking in 3G (iPhone only), Audio and Video Playback, GPS Navigation, Book reading and Standby;
- Battery Type and Capacity in mAh;
- Amount of Energy in W.h and Joules;
- Battery Voltage (when fully charged);
- GPS Receiver Data (Latitude and Longitude in both decimal and Degrees, Speed, Accuracy, Altitude, Last Time Updated);
- Real-time Accelerometer/Magnetometer/Gyroscope monitors;
- Presence of Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, A-GPS Receiver, GLONASS Receiver and Digital Compass;
Other Informations
- Operating and Non operating Temperatures;
- Maximum operating Altitudes;
- Relative humidity;
- Specific Absorption Rate (FCC US and Council of the European Union);
Compare Devices
- Allows the user to compare and export all of the information above;

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Pros and cons of Lirum Device Info app for iPhone and iPad

Lirum Device Info app good for

Still the best info app despite that some info features like battery cycles are no longer supported, so the app is strongly recommended.
Thank you. The lite version was so good I just bought this one to say Thanks and keep it up!
Liked the lite version so much I purchased the full version. Hopefully Apple will release an update giving back the information needed to run the battery diagnostics & data tho.
Thinking about designing an app? This will give you a glimpse of data sources and / or before one starts programming,
Would have given 5 stars if Apple would allow more info on battery cycles, etc. However this isnt any fault of the App developer. Ram and storage boost functions are cool but dont clear ram as efficiently as holding the power then home button. All in all very informative and would recommend to others.
Nice to have such a good app to check the iPhone inner parts.

Some bad moments

Will no longer load. On top of it no longer displaying battery info after iOS 10. The app is pretty useless, cant even get a refund now.
Проблемы с запуском программы на 7plus- просто не запускается приложение! На 6s работает нормально, на 7plus проблемы начались в феврале 2017 года. Когда следующий релиз? Исправте!Перейти на русский Problems with the program starting at 7plus- just does not run the app! On 6s operate normally on 7plus problems began in February 2017. When is the next release? Fix it! Перейти на русскийProblems with the program starting at 7plus- just does not run the app! On 6s operate normally on 7plus problems began in February 2017. When is the next release? Ispravte!
Please update this great app to iOS 10, battery internal status no more work with new update.
With iOS 10 the app is almost useless, and it would be if it werent for some basic information it (fortunately) still shows. (Ex. the CPU manufacturer) This was one of the best apps available in the apple store. I really hope a new update will be released or this might be the last time I use Lirum.
This app is a rip off. It is a great device specs app, but does not offer good system information, and frankly the description lies about the information it can provide. For example, there is no ability to see a process list or to do any analysis on which apps/process are using the most cpu.
Really angry and dont know why . When I use the tools "memory boost ", this app will write big data on the phone as much as it can . It writes about 7 GB data on my phone till the phone has no space to write . Then I have to delete this app to get the ram space back !

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